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Music Software At The PC Show

This year's Personal Computer Show will feature a special 'Music & Micro Village' hosted by Sound On Sound. Within the village you'll find a number of exhibitors, many of them already familiar to you, each displaying the latest music software and musical hardware packages.

ADT will be showing software specifically for PC compatible computers, with programs such as Sequencer Plus, Texture, Cakewalk, the IBM Music Feature card and range of voice editing and scoring programs. MCMXCIX will show their entire range of software for the Atari ST, Amiga, PC and Macintosh computers. This will include the Dr.T range of sequencer and editing programs, Passport's Master Tracks, Intelligent Music's 'M' program, Alchemy and various hardware products including Apex keyboard stands. Also on show will be a new range of memory-resident editors from the British software house Pandora Technology. Soundbits Software will be demonstrating their range of voice editors for the Roland Alpha Juno, MT32, Yamaha TX81Z, Ensoniq ESQ/SQ80, Kawai K1 plus some new orchestration packages.

There's not just software on show - Roland UK will have a display of their hit products, including the MT32, D110, D10, D50, drum machines, samplers and more! The show will also feature Cheetah with their range of master keyboards, MD8 drum machine and new MS6 synth expander module.

Several other music companies are finalising arrangements to exhibit at the PC Show, but details had not reached our office before going to press. You'll just have to come to see who they are!

'What are Sound On Sound going to be doing?' you ask. Well, we'll have a large stand at the front of the Music & Micro Village where we shall be demonstrating music software programs from our successful Shareware Page. All the programs will be on demonstration plus new additions which haven't yet appeared in print. We'll also have a selection of back issues, binders, mains filters and other 'show specials' all on display and ready to go! This year's Personal Computer Show will be the best opportunity ever to see the greatest selection of music software under one roof, so do not miss it!

In addition, a special Music & Micro Conference will take place on Saturday, 17th September at the show, hosted by SOS. The conference will discuss the role of computers and music software today and include a brief history of the technical developments that have given musicians some of the most powerful software/hardware products available in any field of computing. Topics covered will include software applications on the main computers, ie. the Atari ST, Apple Mac, and PC compatibles, with demonstrations given by the following: Roger Evan of ADT, Mark Badger of Evenlode Soundworks, and Lindsey Bridgewater of Argent's. In addition to these speakers, Syco Systems will discuss the Dyaxis direct-to-disk digital recorder and SOS author Ed Jones will look at the task of writing music to video using computer sequencer and SMPTE timecode packages.

The whole event will be chaired by Richard Elen of Creative Technology Associates, and there will be an introductory talk by Sound On Sound author Martin Russ. The programme of events have been designed to give an overview of music applications using computers and should provide anyone attending the conference with a broad view of the subject. Places are limited and therefore must be booked in advance. Details on how to register for the conference are available from Sound On Sound (Contact Details).

The Personal Computer Show is held at Earl's Court, London. September 14th & 15th are trade days, 16th, 17th & 18th public days. Admission is £3.00. Ticket details are shown in the advert on page 68 or pay on the day. Hope to see you there!

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Sound On Sound - Sep 1988

Editorial by Ian Gilby

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