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ADA Signal Processors

Review | Sound On Sound, Nov 1988

David Mellor tries out three new effects units from ADA — a MIDI programmable stereo equaliser, MIDI valve preamp, and a pitch transposer - and finds one that gives his secret studio weapon a run for its money.

Boss Pitch Shifter/Delay

Review | Sound On Sound, Aug 1986

This latest release in the popular Micro Rack range of budget signal processors is put through its paces by Mark Jenkins.

Boss RPS-10 Pitch Shifter/Delay

Review | International Musician, Sep 1986
Studio Test

Jim Betteridge finds himself in harmony with the latest addition to the Microrack range

C-Ducer Saxman & Sax System

Review | Music UK, Dec 1983

Chris Davis, Our Sax Maniac Reports

Delta Lab DL-5 Harmonicomputer

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Sep 1982

DigiTech IPS33 SmartShift

Review | Music Technology, Jul 1989
Intelligent Pitch Shifter

Most pitch shifters wouldn't know their A minor from their E major, but DigiTech's IPS33 knows a thing or two about playing in key. Simon Trask finds himself in harmony with the Intelligent Pitch Shifter.

Digitech Smartshift

Review | Sound On Sound, May 1989
Smarter than the average pitch shifter?

David Mellor assesses the musical intelligence of the DigiTech IPS33 SmartShift intelligent pitch shifter.

Digitech VHM5

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1991
Intelligent Harmoniser

With four independent harmonies and its 'intelligent harmonising', Digitech's VHM5 pitch shifter promises much. Rowland Jones puts it to the test.

Digitech Vocalist 2

Review Audio | The Mix, Jan 1995

Ingenious harmony processor

Digitech Vocalist II

Review | Music Technology, May 1993
Vocal Harmony Processor

It's that Nicholas Rowland again, testing his tonsils on Digitech's new 5-part vocal harmony processor. You too can sound like The, er, Five Tops

Digitech Vocalist II

Review | Recording Musician, Apr 1993
Your Plastic Pal Who's Fun To Sing With

You can produce vocal pyrotechnics little short of magic with this rackmount version of the acclaimed VHM5 Vocalist. Our reviewer sings its praises.

Ibanez HD1000 Harmonics Delay

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Jan 1985

Ibanez HD1000 Harmonics/Delay

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1983

Roland RPS-10 pitch shifter

Review | Making Music, Feb 1987

Roland VP70

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1987
Voice Processor

More than just a vocoder, this voice processor incorporates pitch shifting and pitch-to-MIDI conversion. Bob O'Donnell listens to what it has to say for itself.

The Saga Continues

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Sep 1986
Boss RPS10 Pitch Shifter

They said it couldn't be done... a 'harmonising device' for under £200.



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