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Korg SQ8

Review | Music Technology, May 1987
Eight-track MIDI Sequencer

MT new boy Bob "I'm Confused" O'Donnell checks out the cutest eight-track sequencer available. Have too many corners been cut to reduce the cost?

The Regeneration Game

Feature | Topic: Sampling | Music Technology, Jul 1987
Sampler Updates

Leading the battle against planned obsolescence are the sampler manufacturers, whose machines receive updates almost monthly. We re-test three samplers to find out how they've changed.

MIDI Basics - Part 1

Feature Series | Topic: MIDI | Music Technology, Aug 1987

Confused by MIDI - or even been hiding from it in the hope it might go away? Your prayers are answered and your fears dispelled by Bob O'Donnell in the first of a series that takes MIDI from the top.

Kawai K5 and K5m

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1987
Multi-Dimensional Synthesisers

Expanding the "user waveform"approach of their K3 to almost full additive waveform proportions has given Kawai what they call a "multi-dimensional" synthesiser. Bob O'Donnell likes what he hears.

NAMM Report

Show Report | Music Technology, Aug 1987

In case the current wave of BMF-madness has overtaken you completely, MT dropped in on the annual Chicago show to see how the Americans do it. Report: Dan Goldstein, Rick Davies, Paul White and Bob O'Donnell.

Alesis HR16 Drum Machine & MMT8 MIDI Recorder

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1987

Following the success of the MIDIverb, Alesis have ventured into the realms of drum machines and sequencers. Bob O'Donnell lends an ear and discovers that economy doesn't necessarily mean compromise.

The Sound Art Of Programming

Interview | Music Technology, Sep 1987

An American synthesist and composer with a soft spot for aborigines and analogue sounds, talks to Bob O'Donnell about programming synths and sequencers old and new.

MIDI Basics - Part 2

Feature Series | Topic: MIDI | Music Technology, Sep 1987

More of the mysteries of MIDI dispelled, as Bob O'Donnell puts MIDI plug into MIDI socket and connects controller to expander. Part two of this new series.

MIDI Basics - Part 3

Feature Series | Topic: MIDI, Sequencing | Music Technology, Oct 1987

In the third part of our continuing series on the basics of MIDI, Bob O'Donnell concentrates on sequencers, their capabilities and their place in a typical MIDI studio.

Roland VP70

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1987
Voice Processor

More than just a vocoder, this voice processor incorporates pitch shifting and pitch-to-MIDI conversion. Bob O'Donnell listens to what it has to say for itself.

MIDI Basics - Part 4

Feature Series | Topic: Drum Programming, MIDI, Syncronisation | Music Technology, Nov 1987

In part four of this series Bob O'Donnell deals with rhythm by linking a drum machine into the expanding MIDI system.

MIDI Basics - Part 5

Feature Series | Topic: Effects Processing, MIDI | Music Technology, Dec 1987

Part five of our series on basic MIDI applications turns its attention to MIDI-controlled effects; Bob O'Donnell patches in the 19" rack-mounts with maximum delay.

Digital Days & Digital Nights

Show Report | Music Technology, Dec 1987
The AES Report

America's premier recording exhibition provides Bob O'Donnell with food for thought; the password is "digital", just like the gear.

Technos Acxel Resynthesiser

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1988

After analogue synthesis, FM synthesis, additive synthesis and sampling comes resynthesis - the ability to reconstruct a sampled sound. Bob O'Donnell introduces the Acxel; the first dedicated resynthesiser.

Kawai K1/K1M

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1988

Before you try to win one in our competition, this preview of Kawai's latest synth (and rack-mount alternative) should help whet your appetite.

Theme and Variations

Show Report | Music Technology, Mar 1988

Anaheim recently played host to 1988's Winter NAMM show. MT's American correspondents were on hand to send back news of the latest developments in hi-tech musical equipment.

Korg Professional Performance Series

Preview | Music Technology, Apr 1988
M1 Music Workstation, S1 MIDI Production Workstation

The workstation concept comes of age. Bob O'Donnell previews Korg's Professional Performance Series Music Workstation keyboard and Production Workstation.

Steps In Time

Interview | Music Technology, May 1988

From Weather Report drummer to hi-tech enthusiast and Mac fanatic. Bob O'Donnell talks to a drummer who's discovered technology and used his rhythmic knowledge to get the best from his programming.

Roland S550

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1988
Sampling module

Roland follow up their successful S50 sampler with a more highly-specified rack-mount alternative that includes sample display capabilities. Bob O'Donnell monitors its performance.

E-Mu Emax SE HD

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1988
Sampling Keyboard

E-mu enhance their popular Emax sampler with a built-in 20 Meg hard disk and two new methods of sound synthesis. But how successful is the sampler-as-synthesiser? Bob O'Donnell takes it to the max.

Yamaha G10

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1988
MIDI Guitar System

Is the practical MIDI guitar finally with us? Bob O'Donnell checks out the latest, and most promising, MIDI guitar controller from Yamaha.

Casio VZ1

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1988
iPD Digital Synthesiser

Casio's latest synthesiser employs the successor to the company's own PD synthesis system - interactive Phase Distortion. Bob O'Donnell investigates a new phase in synthesis.

Coda Music Finale

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1988
Software for the Apple Macintosh

Possibly the most sophisticated and powerful scorewriting program to date comes from American company Coda. Bob O'Donnell keeps the score.

Interactive Music

Feature | Topic: Tape, Vinyl, CD, DAT | Music Technology, Jan 1989

Ever since the invention of the wax cylinder, listening to recorded music has been a passive experience; now CDs are capable of holding MIDI and other performance data. Bob O'Donnell looks at the changing face of music.

Convention Invention

Show Report | Music Technology, Feb 1989
AES Convention 1988

Los Angeles' recent AES convention pointed the way ahead for recording technology. Bob O'Donnell takes a trip to the fair and finds the rides to his liking.



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