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Article from Music Technology, February 1990

Reviews of Stiletto's patches for the Roland D-series and Casio's CZ synths find themselves alongside a selection of readers' own programming feats in this month's Patchwork.


Edward Tilsley, Middlesex

I can see 'Romance' having a long and useful life ahead for many D10 users, being a string and piano combination which can also be split into a two-partial piano and two-partial strings. Edward admits that he finds this patch perfect for "those romantic, mellow moments between my keyboard and myself". (If you say so, Ed.)

(Click image for higher resolution version)

Available files:

  Romance.mp3 (2 MB)

Audio for the 'Romance' patch.
Spencer Leagra | 6th Apr 2024


Mick Robbins, Norwich

This is an excellent recreation of an electric guitar, played in fine style on Mick's demo. The overdriven edge of this patch, and Mick's liberal use of the pitchbend wheel add greatly to its authenticity, but I can imagine that it would be even more convincing put through a Rockman-type preamp. And Mick's demo proves once again that there's no substitute for studying the playing style of the genuine article and using it to really deliver your own patches or samples.

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Available files:

  CZV Blues Guitar.mp3 (684 KB)

Recorded from CZ-V
ben@muzines | 13th Dec 2019 | Downloads: 50

  VCZ Blues Guitar.mp3 (684 KB)

Recorded from Virtual CZ
ben@muzines | 13th Dec 2019 | Downloads: 49

  Blues (698 B)

Single patch for CZ series
ben@muzines | 7th Dec 2019 | Downloads: 62

Virtual CZ aupreset
ben@muzines | 7th Dec 2019 | Downloads: 58

Virtual CZ VST3 preset
ben@muzines | 7th Dec 2019 | Downloads: 54

Arturia CZ-V patch
ben@muzines | 7th Dec 2019 | Downloads: 61

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Publisher: Music Technology - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.

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Music Technology - Feb 1990

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