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Program Notes

Wild and wily new patches to try for your Casio CZ101, Yamaha DX7 and Roland Alpha Juno 1

In this place each month MAKING MUSIC will be presenting some brand new patches for those so popular synths cluttering up your music room. Our thanks to expert programmers Ken Campbell (Yamaha), Alan Townsend (Roland) and Richard Young (Casio).

YAMAHA DX7 - chaka bass

Percussive sounds don't depend on large numbers of harmonics or a very fast attack time so much as the speed with which these energies dissipate. To achieve this effect set level two of your carrier to something between 75 and 85 and set rate two between 75 and 99. This will give you a sharp transient attack to the sound, such as in Chakabass, full of slappiness and general bonky tones.

(Click image for higher resolution version)


A percussive solo sound with a tight, hard beginning dropping away to a mellow after note.

(Click image for higher resolution version)

CASIO CZ101 - softo americano

A smooth, mellow, gooey sound for those soft washes of chords.

(Click image for higher resolution version)

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